A lot of people travelling to Amarillo know about The Big Texan Challenge. Heck we have plenty of competitive eaters come and try their hand at it. There are billboards all over, on the way to Amarillo, reminding people of this challenge.

There are not many that don't know about this food challenge. Free 72 oz. steak (if eaten in one hour), we all know it comes with all the trimmings too. I have watched Molly Schuyler, who is a tiny thing, eat two of them.

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Yes, Competitive Eaters Can Eat All That Food, How About Hollywood?

Again she is a competitive eater so you kind of expect it. The folks from the Yellowstone prequel, 1883, have been hanging out in Amarillo a lot over the past few weeks. They are not unlike everyone else and heard about The Big Texan and their challenge.

credit: The Big Texan
credit: The Big Texan

So over the weekend they came and they saw and they tried their hand at it. That 72 oz. hunk of meat, the salad, the potato, the shrimp cocktail. They had to eat everything.

How Was the 72 Oz Challenge Handled?

Over 86,000 people have attempted this challenge. How many people have actually finished it? Just over 10,000. So more often then not the meal was paid for by the person attempting it. That is a lot of people who walked away and failed.

credit: The Big Texan
credit: The Big Texan

Our friends at The Big Texan wasn't sure about the crew from Yellowstone.

Would the one attempting it be added to the list of winners?

When the Yellowstone crew comes, they come to play! Bringing their BIGGEST and BEST eater, Joe Sullivan, to devour our 72-ounce Steak Challenge with 9 minutes to spare! Thanks for stopping in, can’t wait to see 1883!

Joe Sullivan, production assistant, on Yellowstone's: 1883 was able to succeed. So even our fine folks from Hollywood have a hearty appetite. Maybe it is all the work on the set that made this a rather simple feat. Congrats to Joe.

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