Amarillo has some great sports teams like the Bulls and the Venom. And while our baseball team is also great, we can never keep up with its name.

It's expected that a team will go through some name changes throughout the years. For instance, the NFL team in Cleveland, the Browns, used to be the Cleveland Indians. However, that change took places over 20 years ago, so people have had time to adjust to calling their team the Browns.

In Amarillo, however, the baseball team name has changed so many times in the past that some people are probably still calling them the Dillas.

Here is the history of Amarillo's baseball team.

  • 1

    1922 - Amarillo Gassers

    Amarillo's first baseball team was the Gassers in 1922. We can speculate that the name "Gassers" came from Amarillo's huge helium plant.

  • 2

    1927 - Amarillo Texans

    They decided on a more patriotic name in 1927. The Amarillo Texans played in the Western League.

  • 3

    1939 - Amarillo Gold Sox

    Yep, that's right - we've had the name Gold Sox before and the name stayed for over 20 years. The Gold Sox played in Amarillo from 1939 until 1963.

  • 4

    1965 - Amarillo Sonics

    The Amarillo Gold Sox joined the Texas League in 1959 and in 1965 changed their name to the Sonics.

  • 5

    1968 - Amarillo Giants

    Once again, the Texas League switched out the Sonics for the Giants in 1968.

  • 6

    1976 - Amarillo Gold Sox

    It's true, we brought the Sox back to Amarillo in 1976. They only stuck around for less than ten years this time.

  • 7

    1994 - Amarillo Dillas

    It's the name you've all been waiting for! The Amarillo Dillas brought fans out to the Dilla Villa every week for 16 years.

  • 8

    2011 - Amarillo Sox

    Although this is the THIRD time Amarillo's team has been represented by a piece of clothing, they returned as plain and simple Sox, not of a gold color. Their final stay was short-lived, only about 4 years.

  • 9

    2015 - Amarillo Thunderheads

    The Thunderheads replaced the Sox in Amarillo last year. They may be the first team to play in Amarillo's new athletics complex, unless they move on before we can even print T-shirts.

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