March 1st is the Texas primary and you'll want to know how to cast your vote.

Super Tuesday is a huge day for the presidential race. Fifteen states weigh in on who they want in office and Texas has the most delegates in the race.

In Texas, there are 222 Democratic delegates and 155 Republican delegates. The way Texas assigns delegates is somewhat confusing, but the moral of the story is that even if your favorite candidate is not popular across the state, they can win in your area and get a certain amount of delegates. So votes really do count.

For more information about the delegate process, click here.

This primary will help determine who wins the overall nomination for each party. In the past, most Texas primary winners go on to clinch the nomination. The general election will be on November 8th this year. That is the election that determines who will be the president.

Potter County held early voting from February 16th until February 27th. According to voting records, there was a record low turnout for early voting, so Amarillo citizens will need to show up on March 1st.

Amarillo sits at around 70% Republican voters and 25% Democratic voters (the remaining are Independent). However, Texas has an open primary, meaning you can choose what party to vote in. Texas has only had a majority of Democratic votes in three elections in the past 50 years.

There will also be elections for statewide offices and Potter County Commissioner, District Attorney, and County Attorney.