Having trouble keeping your furry feline off the counter tops in the kitchen?  Is your cat jumping up on the counters and wrecking things, or getting into foods?  Well, they are curious creatures known to cause mischief, it's just in their nature, but there's good news.  There's a way to keep your cats from jumping on the counters, all be it a primitive one, but it works wonders!

Cats, for some reason, HATE walking on aluminum foil.  They simply will not walk on it, I'm not sure if it's the sound it makes when walked on, or the feeling on the pads of their paws, but it's incredibly rare that you find a cat willing to walk on foil.

As you can see in the video above, cat owners were having trouble with their cat getting on the counter and being a bad kitty, so they lined the counters in aluminum foil, and when the cat jumped on the counter, it looks like it hits a trampoline, it bounces off at lightning fast speeds!

The only problem with the video above is since it's on Youtube, it has an advertisement on it that hits RIGHT when the cat jumps on the counter!  Yeah, good timing Youtube!  But anyways, I found a video that doesn't have that in it, but all I can provide is a link to that.

So, it may not be pretty, it may not be hi-tech, but it seems to work!  If you're having trouble with your cats getting on the counters, line them with foil.  I bet after about a month or 2 of them jumping up onto foil, they'll learn their lesson and stop jumping up there completely, thus training them not to jump on the counter, and you'll be able to remove the foil.  Problem solved, maybe.