I remember it well. My daughter was in the fourth grade when we first walked through the doors of Pitter Patter Pets. She was in awe. The animals they had. She wanted to bring them all home.

She and our family ended up with a rabbit. Now Flopsey was with us for a long time. Oh and our relationship with Pitter Patter Pets began. We would stop by to get stuff for our rabbit oh and our other family members. We have had dogs for years as well.

Pitter Patter Pets is a great place. They are located on South Washington and they are looking for new ownership. The current owners are looking to retire.

credit: Pitter Patter Pets Facebook page

We really hate to hear about the health issues. It would be nice if we can find someone to take over and keep this mainstay in Amarillo open for generations to come. Nothing is better than bringing the family in to the Pet Store.

Sure I have nothing against Pet Smart or Pet Co. I stop in those places as well and shop around. There is just something about these places in Amarillo that have been providing great service and are locally owned.

Luckily on the original post there is some interest from fellow shoppers that are interested in more information to help take over the location.

credit: Pitter Patter Pets Facebook Page

So hopefully something pans out. Until then they will be having a Retirement Sale coming up. I guarantee I will stop by and relive those memories of my daughter's first visit. Heck I will even be glad to save some money on stuff for my current pets, my cat and my dog.

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