Summer is almost here! While summer brings fun and sun, it also brings a new wave of pests.

During the winter, Amarillo is cold and windy. This unpleasant climate causes the bugs to hide away for a few months. Once it warms up, they start emerging in swarms.

These bugs are conditioned to withstand hot temperatures, hard surfaces, and a colorless environment. That means they are harder to spot and harder to kill.

Here are some tips to avoid bites from the worst pests in Amarillo this summer.

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    The most obvious preventative for mosquitoes is mosquito repellent. If that's the route you want to take, make sure the repellent has DEET as an ingredient. You can also use eucalyptus, lavender, and lemon essential oils on yourself and around your house to dissuade mosquitoes from entering.

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    Chiggers are also sensitive to DEET, so an overall insect repellent can work. You can also apply permithrin to your clothing before going into an area where chiggers may be present. If you do see chiggers on your body, the best way to avoid a bite is to wash them off with hot, soapy water rather than scratch them off.

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    Horse Flies

    An insect repellent with DEET is one option for keeping horse flies away. You can also use garlic! Not the rope of garlic that they use in the movies to stop vampires, but a garlic supplement that you can find at any health food store. Placing automatic fly spray and fly traps around your home and backyard area will also help.

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    Spiders can be very tricky. While insect repellent can help keep them off your body, that doesn't mean they can't hide in other places that could make you vulnerable to a bite. Make sure you keep the floor clear of boxes, clothing, or other materials you might pick up without seeing a spider on or inside it. Clear cobwebs when you see them. Always wear gloves when handling wood that's been outside.

  • Nico Smit
    Nico Smit


    Scorpions are just as tricky as spiders. They will sneak in your house through cracks, so make sure you caulk any openings in your walls. Prune your trees so there are no overhanging branches, because scorpions will use those branches to climb on your roof. If you do find a scorpion, don't smash it with your foot! Use tongs to move the scorpion outside.

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