The High Plains Food Bank has hit a $300,000 shortfall this summer.

Amarillo and the surrounding areas are hugely benefited by the efforts of the High Plains Food Bank. They provide food to over 8,000 families in the Texas Panhandle, but that isn't possible without the help of the community.

They aren't in need of food donations, though. The shortage has been caused by a decrease in monetary donations over the past few months and will have to be made up through fundraising efforts over the rest of the year.

Without the needed donations, the food bank will have trouble operating their distribution trucks and warehouse.

The food bank is asking for any and all donations that you can manage. You can click here to donate.

The food bank strives to provide families with healthy snacks, plentiful portions, and the materials for a balanced diet. They have different donation programs depending on your financial capabilities. For instance, $30 a month will provide food for a senior in a rural community, a kid in the Kid's Cafe program, or 5 families on the Direct Mobile Distribution list.

For information about the High Plains Food Bank, click here.

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