We all have that one friend who calls their boyfriend or husband Daddy.  Why oh why do women have to ruin such an innocent term?

Hey Daddy!  Oh Dah-dee!  I miss you Daddy! The term has been so much that it has been ruined.  I never really understood why women called their boyfriends or husbands daddy.  I think it is kind of creepy.  I stopped calling by dad daddy way before I even graduated high school.

I get calling him that in front of your kids to show respect.  I even get why men like to be called that.  Your daddy is the first man in your life.  It is an authoritative word that is used to represent the care taker position.  Like top dog, boss, master, head honcho and so on.

Some women think men earn the title by being a great provider, emotionally and financially.  They see it as a term of endearment and adoration.

Here is a clip from Couple's Retreat where she says she calls all her boyfriends Daddy.  LOL.  Start at :43

But if I were to call my husband daddy I would automatically laugh.  That is so weird!  I would never be able to look at him as my partner because I would automatically think of my dad.  It's gross and creepy.

I am not trying to judge anyone, I am just trying to understand why women do this.  If you call your man daddy, can you please tell me why?  If it works in your relationship, then go ahead and continue to use.  Whatever works for you!  :)

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