Yes, it has begun!  I chose today to be the official start of Dallas Chambers Daddy Days because today was our 1st sonogram!  What an exciting feeling I'm overwhelmed with!  I never really considered myself a "kid person", not the parental figure type, but now that my wife and I are expecting, the feeling has changed, and after the sonogram today, the feeling has become so surreal that it's finally hitting me, I'M ABOUT TO BE A FATHER!

So as I travel through the stages of father-hood, I want to share my experiences with you!

It all began 1 week ago when I first got to hear the heartbeat of my unborn baby.  You bet your booty that I was smiling!

Today marked a whole new era in this chapter of my life as we went in for our first sonogram!  See some pics of little Dallas below :)

I really wanted to do a video of all this, but apparently my doctor's office (which I'll leave unnamed unless he changes his policy and then I'll let everyone know who my doctor is because he deserves the recognition) has a policy that makes you keep cameras off.  In fact, I learned today, that you can't even video record a delivery anymore?  Did you know that?  You can record all the way up to the point that the doctor steps in the room.  Something about, "so much going on, Hippa regulations say there is to be no video taping".  I think it's weird, I'm not saying anything bad, but that kind of scares me!  Makes me think they don't want me catching something on video that they don't want to be seen!  But I digress, I'll go along with their policy as long as they deliver my baby healthy!

This is a very exciting new chapter of my life!  I know the world isn't ready for a Dallas Chambers Jr, but be prepared because IT'S COMING!

What's next?  Another sonogram that will reveal even more details about my (hopefully) baby boy lol!

Stick with me, all experienced fathers and new fathers!  It's Dallas Chambers Daddy Days!

Dallas Chambers
Dallas Chambers

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