Hugh Hefner has been in the "game" for a long time, but over the past few years it seems like he is being dumped a lot.  The most recent, being dumped by fiancee Crystal Harris, had to hurt the worst.

Throughout the years Hef said he was never going to get married again. Then Harris came into his life and he decided she was the one.  They were planning to tie the knot this Saturday at the Playboy Mansion.  But this past Sunday, less than a week from the wedding date, Harris packed up her stuff and moved out of the Mansion.

So what happened?  Tons of rumors have been circulating.   She was said to be cheating with Dr. Phil's son, Jordan McGraw.  Another reason for leaving was that she wanted to focus on her music career.  Some are reporting that Crystal was unhappy with her weekly allowance and wanted more money.

Page Six is reporting that this wedding was all part of a reality show for Harris.  She was suppose to get paid $500,000 to dump Hef at the alter.  She didn't do that so who know if she is going to get the reality show after all.

Here is my theory, I think Crystal woke up next to Hef and got physically sick.  Crystal is 25 and Hef is 85.  She probably thought what the hell am I doing with someone old enough to be my grandpa.

It sucks for Hef since he ditched out tons of cash to plan this wedding.  But he is having a good sense of humor with all this tweeting:

"The breakup is a heartbreaker, but better now than after the marriage," he tweeted Tuesday. "Since we're not getting married on Saturday, I've scheduled a movie: Runaway Bride. Seems appropriate."

Why do you think she left?