My car has spent the night parked in the same place, every day, since I first came to town. Not once have I had an issue. It’s a “piece” anyways, and I’m not exactly rolling in cash. You wouldn’t think a busted up, fuel efficient, hard to keep running car of this magnitude would be a target. Think again.

Despite all of the nice things different polls, articles, and websites say about our community, Amarillo has a crime problem. Especially when it comes to vehicles. I finally fell victim.

Almost everyone I know in Amarillo has had their car broken into at least once. If they haven’t, they know of a family member or friend who has. It happens a lot. One of the officers that responded to my call told me he had just come from another scene like mine that was across town. He was sympathetic, but informed me that this type of thing happens a lot, and there isn't much to be done. Both of them told me stories of the times their vehicle had been broken into.

It’s a reminder that Amarillo is not the small town that many treat it as. The town grew into a city, and that city is growing…fast. It’s exciting. It also creates more opportunities for crimes like these.

Don’t leave anything in your vehicle that may be of value to an opportunistic passerby. For me, it was two jackets. Yes, they stole my jackets and that was all. Keep the doors to your vehicle locked, and park in a garage if at all possible.

Hope my jacket keeps you warm.

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