People usually have no reason not to trust their bank, but the panhandle now has a reason to worry.  A text message scam has hit Amarillo.

In this day and age, people depend on their debit card like the air they breathe.  I too heavily depend on it.  It is rare that I have cash on hand.  So imagine getting a text message from "your bank" saying your card has been deactivated.  I would be horrified.

Local people have been reporting getting a text message from their bank saying that their debit card has been deactivated and they need to call 806-576-#### to fix the problem.  Once the customers call this number, they are prompted to enter their full 16-digit card and pin number.

This is totally a SCAM!  No bank would ever ask for your card number and pin number.  A few of the banks that are being targeted are Happy State Bank, Education Credit Union and Amarillo National Bank.

If you have received this text message and followed the instructions, you are asked to notify your bank immediately and the police.

Most banks would never send out a text message about deactivation.  Here is a statement found on the Happy State Bank website:

PLEASE BE AWARE OF A TEXTING SCAM USING LOCAL PHONE NUMBER that is being sent as a text message to Happy State Bank customers claiming to be from Happy State Bank. The text says "HAPPY STATE BANK ALERT. Your CARD has been DEACTIVATED. Please call 806-576-XXXX." (We intentionally are not repeating the full phone number here) Once the phone number is called, a recorded voice will ask you to enter in your full 16-digit card number and your PIN. DO NOT CALL THIS NUMBER AND DO NOT ENTER ANY INFORMATION. We will NEVER send you a text message nor an email to notifiy our customers that their card has been deactivated and we will never ask for your 16-digit card number and your PIN number to reactivate your card! IF YOU DID CALL THIS NUMBER AND ENTERED ANY INFORMATION, PLEASE CALL US AT 1-866-958-2867 TO HAVE YOUR CARD TURNED OFF IMMEDIATELY.

Now no major losses have been reported, but it is early and you still need to be careful.

If you have any questions about your account, you can always contact your bank.

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