Making that decision to go to school is tough. Maybe you tried once before but life got you. You started but for whatever reason you didn’t finish. In that time maybe you started a family and just couldn’t finish. Life happens. Now you know that it is the right time to finish your degree.

You want to provide better for that family. Maybe the thoughts of money owed to Amarillo College has stopped you.

Hey times were tough. You want to move ahead but it’s going to take all you have to pay back. You may not be able to pay back your debt and also register for classes. So how can you do better for your family when you have this debt to pay off at Amarillo College before you can go back?

This is where Amarillo College’s latest announcement can really be a lifesaver.

AC recently announced that they are taking money that they have recently received from the Government and from Covid relief and they are using that to pay off students debts. That means your former debts are forgiven. You can now enroll with a clean slate.

You can now make those dreams come true. All you have to do is ask.

Get in touch with Amarillo College and ask to have your debts forgiven. You don’t even have to have plans to go back.

Do this as soon as possible before the money runs out. So make that call. Get in touch with Amarillo College and get your debts forgiven.

Say You're From Amarillo Without Saying You're From Amarillo

Amarillo is a pretty quirky place. We've got the Big Texan, the weird signs, and (obviously) the famed Cadillac Ranch. But more than that, there's a distinct culture of close-knit community, eccentrics, a thriving arts scene, and much more.

The point is, living in Amarillo is a unique experience. Because of that, it's really pretty easy to tell who's a native or a long-time resident. And I can prove it.

Here's a couple of ways you can say you're from Amarillo.....without saying you're from Amarillo.



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