Reports say that the Los Angeles Police Department called in the bomb squad to detonate a truck filled with illegal fireworks, but the operation went entirely wrong with a fire-filled explosion shaking the surrounding neighborhood.

The video of the explosion shows how the operation to safely detonate 5,000 pounds of fireworks went from this...

YouTube via ABC News

... to this.

YouTube via ABC News

Cars were overturned all around the explosion, with the blast shaking surrounding homes in the South Los Angeles neighborhood.

According to the Associated Press, authorities say that it make take days to find out exactly what led to the detonation of these explosives going terribly wrong. While most of the illegal explosives discovered at the South L.A. home were taken away from the area, some 240 explosives were determined to be too unstable to move safely.

This is when authorities moved the explosives into an armored truck in order to detonate them on-site. That is when things went terribly wrong.

Multiple injuries, including members of the Los Angeles Police Department, are being reported as a result of the explosion. Thankfully, none have been deemed life threatening at this point.

Video of Fireworks Explosion in Los Angeles

See video of the blast along with a report from ABC News via YouTube below.

I hope everyone injured in the explosion makes a quick recovery. We will have to wait and see what exactly caused the explosion as authorities continue their investigation.

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