It can be a challenge keeping a cool head during the dog days of summer. This is especially true for Diddy and Cassie who were reportedly having it out earlier this week, which ended in the two breaking up after an incident of stolen phones and police reports.

While break up to make up is nothing new for the couple, TMZ is reporting that cops were called to Cassie's home following an argument between the two musicians in which Cassie said she wanted to call their relationship off. Diddy then allegedly became suspicious, seizing the singer's phone and exiting the car they were both in.

Cassie took off with the driver, but informed her mother of the scene, who in turn phoned authorities. By the time officers appeared at Cassie's home, Diddy had returned her phone and took two cars parked outside instead. The singer explained the situation to police, who wrote up a domestic incident report.

Back in early 2014, it was reported that the two were engaged after Diddy posted an enormous diamond ring to Instagram, but the rumors were eventually proven false. Diddy and Cassie have long been an item, showing up to red carpet events and premieres together, Cassie even joining the Bad Boy boss at his reunion show in Brooklyn's Barclays Center this past May.

It sounds like the incident can be marked up to a lovers' quarrel that escalated a bit too far, but it is nonetheless a good sign that police involvement was limited. Puff is expected to drop No Way Out 2, what he announced would be his final album, at some point in the near future, though matter of the heart seemed to have derailed the effort for at least one night.

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