In the little town of Canadian, something big is happening.

Edgar Degas and some never before seen work is now on display, and you can go see it. Residing at the Citadelle Art Museum until November 1st, you'll find sketches and other works by Degas himself and his circle of artists.

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Degas may be best known for his painting titled, "The Ballet Class". He had countless other paintings that are extremely well known. Some of those paintings have been purchased by private collectors for well into the millions, with a pastel of a ballet dancer selling for nearly $28 million back in 1999.

What you will find on display at this exhibit however are not those famed paintings. Instead, this is part of the private collection of Robert Johnson who also curated this once in a lifetime exhibit.

You'll view 24 drawings, 20 prints, 8 photographs, 3 monotypes, one sculpture and an original letter. Some of the other artists featured in this exhibit include Paul, Cezanne, Jean-Leon, Gerome, Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres and others.

I love history and the arts. When pieces like this are on display, they are not something to be missed. These pieces are over 100 years old and could potentially never be seen again. We may never have the amount of money needed to purchase any of these incredible pieces, but for $10 per adult ($8 for seniors over 65), we can experience something that is truly incredible and transcends time.

If you want to grab a little culture, you can get all the details here. Don't delay, it's only around for a limited time.

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