In what could be a breakthrough in one of the most infamous unsolved murders of the last 20 years, a man has reportedly confessed to being an after-the-fact accomplice in the shooting of Christopher Wallace, a.k.a. the Notorious B.I.G.

In an email to the HipHopDX website, a prison inmate named Clayton Hill claims he was given the gun used to kill Wallace by a man named Dawoud Muhammad, who said he "was on the run" for the murder, which he committed as a $25,000 hit for the Bloods.

Hill -- who, perhaps not coincidentally, is releasing a book that reportedly contains further revelations about the murder -- went on to say that he was then ordered by the Nation of Islam to take the gun to Louis Farrakhan's driver, who delivered it to its "final destination within the headquarters of the Nation of Islam."

Hill's allegations, which are still being investigated, come on the heels of another inmate's recent confession of involvement in the 1994 shooting of Tupac Shakur.

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