A lot of folks in Amarillo keep a land line in their house in case they need to call 911. But soon you will be able to get help anywhere.

In the past if you called a 911 operator, they can trace most land lines. So if you were not able to speak, they still could get help to you. 911 operators would not be able to locate you if you are on a cell phone. Because there was no way to trace the call. But that looks like it might change soon. At least for Apple IPhone users.

Apple announced that they are working on a system that uses the GPS on your phone. This would help a 911 operator pin point your location. In the past they were only able to tell what cell tower you are close to. That area could be hundreds of yards away from your actually location. This would help rescue crews find you way faster.

The system Apple is working on is the same system that helps apps like Uber find you when you are out and about.

911 systems have not had a real upgrade like this in 50 some years. So Apple is now extending that GPS capability to dispatchers.  And if you really don't want them knowing your location, there will be an option in your settings to turn 911 tracking off.


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