I hate that there is a need for this but I am so glad that they are making things easier. It is hard to have to talk about suicide. It's something though that has become a bigger and bigger issue.

I first had to talk to my daughter about it when she was early in her middle school days. We had to go to the funeral of a volleyball mom that was a big part of my daughter's life. This was the first time I had to deal with suicide so close to her.

Then a year later a close almost family-like person took his life. Again this one really rocked my daughter's world. He was a year younger than she was. It's tough having those conversations but it was needed. We have had 911 available forever. We once even used to call 411 for information.

The number that was given if you were in crisis mode and needed to talk to someone? 1-800-273-8255. How was that an easy number to remember? The suicide prevention line? That number was not so easily remembered. A hit song tried to help get that number out.

It's just hard to remember that number especially if you are in a bad place. There needed to be an easier way. An easier number to remember.

Finally, someone listened. Just recently a new number went into effect. A number that will be easier to remember and hopefully save lives. You can now call or text 988 if you need someone to talk to about your problems.

Someone will be there to listen. Someone will be there to talk to either via call or text whichever way you feel more comfortable.

I know this is a horrible situation to talk about but I promise making sure people have this number is a lot better than having to have the talk with your child about why things ended the way they did.

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