So I saw this posting from a friend on Facebook about their dog being caught by the Amarillo Animal Control and literally beaten till he was bleeding!  Now I don't know whats true and whats false, but seeing the picture of this dog made my heart drop and has me compelled to speak up for those that don't have a voice!  This is animal cruelty and these people are getting paid to beat these dogs!  Do you dog catchers feel like a big man?  Because your not!

First off, don't beat your dogs!  I get it, dogs can do stupid things, but guess what, so can you!  And you don't have somebody rubbing your nose in your stupidity, so why would you treat your dog like that?  Their dogs, we're more evolved, we have to be the humans, we have to be humane!

Okay now that I've gotten that out of the way, lets get to the story at hand.

Cassie Sims says that Animal Control picked up her 3 year old Australian Shepard named Austin on Tuesday after he escaped from her backyard.

She said that when she got home, there was a note on her door from Animal Control saying they picked up her dog.

So she went to the pound to pick up her little man, where the scene she saw was gruesome.

Her dog was literally covered in blood, even dripping blood like a leaking faucet.

Now there is nothing official for the news I'm about to give you, but I can believe Cassie, because sometimes you just get that gut feeling, and sometimes you just have to go with your gut.

Cassie believes that her dog was possibly abused by Animal Control.

Wounds were found on his chest, his nose and even his lip.

So far, the wounds seem like they could be the result of a fight with another dog right, well the following is what leads me to believe that Cassie is indeed right and Animal Control did in fact abuse her dog.

Animal Control told Cassie that the wounds were not from abuse, but from the staff that officers use to restrain the dogs when they catch them.


So lets think about this for a second.

Animal Control told her the wounds were from the staff they use to catch her dog.  They use the instrument pictured above to lasso around dog's necks and basically choke them until they submit.

So how is that instrument going to cause wounds on a dog's chest, nose and lip?

Further more, why would they even come up with an excuse for the wounds on the dog if they did nothing wrong?

Here's how I interpret it.  If I was the dog catcher and I knew I didn't hurt the dog, I wouldn't even have justified the accusation of abusing the dog with an excuse!  I would've just said "your dog most likely got into a fight with another dog and that's where the wounds came from".  I wouldn't be passing lines blaming the wounds on the instrument I had used to capture the dog.

So basically, by saying that the wounds on the dog were in fact caused by the "animal snatcher", they are saying that they DID cause the wounds on the dog!

Here's the fact, Animal Control dog catchers have zero restraint!  They probably don't even know the meaning of the word!

Why do I believe they abused the dog?

First, they had an excuse justifying the wounds on the dog, if it wasn't their fault, they wouldn't have even said anything, but they did!

Further more, I've seen dog catchers in action.

I literally watched a female dog catcher use her staff to lasso a little bitty Chihuahua around the neck, and she CARRIED IT TO HER TRUCK BY THE NECK ABOUT 3 FEET ABOVE THE GROUND!

That's like hanging a dog!

To further my point even more, many times I've seen dog catchers driving way to fast through neighborhoods so they can catch a dog!

In fact, last week I was driving home through my neighborhood when a dog catcher tried to pass me on a residential road!

Kids play on these streets, families walk down these streets and ride bicycles down them.

And a dog catcher trying to catch a dog by driving 50mph through a neighborhood is not excusable!

What if they had ran over a child?  Would catching a dog be worth it?

Something has got to give!  Too many times I've heard horror stories of dog catchers just flat out beating the crap out of innocent dogs and I've seen the cruelty with my own eyes!





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