I never thought this was going to be an issue or even a question for that matter.  Yet, here I am, blogging about the logistics of leaving your car running while unattended?  Is it illegal to leave your car running when your not in it?

The short and confusing answer is Yes and No.

Don't scratch your head just yet, I can help you understand this.



Your on your way to work and you want to stop at a convenience store and get a cup of coffee real quick.  We see residents do this every day.  They don't want to shut their car off since it's going to be a quick in and out, so they just leave it running.

In my mind, somebody stealing your car that you left running is a bigger concern than "is it illegal to leave your car running unattended".  I'd be worried somebody is going to go all GTA on my car if I left it running with nobody in it!

But back to the point of the legality of leaving your car running unattended.

Here's the big run down on it.

Residents actually have 5 minutes to leave their vehicle running while unattended, after the 5 minute window is up, your breaking the law.

If there are children in the car, someone at least 14 years of age or older must be in the car with them or again, your breaking the law.

Either way, leaving your car running and not being in it is just a bad idea.


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