Warning: This video may change the way you view bears for the rest of your life.

When most of us think of these wild beasts, we think of wild monsters that could rip us to shreds without any issues. I mean a bear is pretty much on all of out top 10 fears list.

That all changes now, thanks to one of the biggest bears you've ever seen. This bad boy is a true behemoth, weighing in at 1,500 lbs, This bear is names Jimbo, and he was taken in by a couple who orphan animals in need when he was just a cub. He had a serious injury at a young age that would have most likely proved fatal if left in the wild.

Jimbo is now 23 years old and could possible be the sweetest bear on the planet. Fall in love by watching Jimbo play with his owner, Jim, in the snow.



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