How many people text and walk at the same time?  EVERYBODY!  It's like second nature to us now.  We all text and walk at the same time, multi-tasking, and I think we have all had a little slip up thanks to doing it.  Yet I've never had something like this happen!

TV station, KTLA, was doing a report on a bear that was running lose in the streets.  While they were up nice and high and safe in a helicopter watching the bear run around below, an innocent bystander almost paid the ultimate price for texting while walking.

A man was simply walking down the sidewalk while texting, something he probably does everyday of his life, when he almost met his maker as he ran into a bear!

He bolted off very fast and thankfully the bear didn't chase him, because then they would have had to shoot him with more than a tranquilizer.

I took a pledge to not text and drive anymore, and now I'm actually considering taking a pledge to not text and walk anymore.

How many people out there text and walk?  Let's take a poll.


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