2020 has been a very strange year, to say the least, a pandemic, social distancing, homeschooling Wendy’s running out of beef. But Amarillo is strong and all in. Recently I found a song and video that shows everything that Amarillo truly is, a great little city that everyone loves, or learns to love.

Local artists J PE$O and Jade Ramos produced a song about everything Amarillo and I’m loving it. The video was filmed with iconic Amarillo spots like the Cadillac Ranch, The Big Texan, Wonderland Park, and Hodgetown. This song and video is such a great tribute to a city that has become a place I'm proud to call home.

The song first premiered on Hip Hop station 93.1 the Beat last year. This song is perfect to add to your playlist when you need to feel like home.

Some of the comments on the video include:

Honestly, it’s great that they are fixing up the town a bit like they put a good looking hotel, a baseball field, made a mural next to fiesta foods, I think they even put a church near the center, and just finally fixing up the place. I feel like Amarillo has everything honestly and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the town in the future now that we are getting our bearings - Foxtrot 5000

God bless Amarillo!!!! I'm from New Mexico but lived here for 3 years. Got a lot of love for Amarillo.-Leighton Lawrence

Sending big love from Borger Texas ❤ Such a beautiful song! So excited about this popping up on my youtube! Hope to meet you both, I love Amarillo too! some of my most favorite people live there!! Thank you for sharing!!!-Paula Griffin




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