It's hot. Real hot. Over 100 degrees hot. In the Panhandle of Texas.

The kids are out of school. They will be for a while.

And I'll shoot straight with you: I'm just as bored and hot as the kids are.

So what next? Google.

Google is always your friend in times like these. And boy let me tell you something, Google is a friend indeed. Which brings me to what I want to talk about with you today: Bounce Houses.

The beauty of bounce houses

Whether you rent it or whether you hunt down a place that has one, bounce houses are awesome. The kids get to burn off all that endless energy and you get to let your inner child out to play.

They're giant structures of weightless, bubbly joy that allow you to completely and totally defy the laws of gravity even for just a few seconds.

Curious yet? You should be.

I encourage you to satisfy your curiosity. I hope you get an itch for bounce houses--and better yet--scratch that itch. There's two ways you can go about doing that here in Amarillo.

Find a place with a bounce house

Easy on the wallet, heavy on the joy. I poked around Google some more and found that there's only one specific place here in Amarillo that has a bounce house: AMP'D! Adventure Park.

You can pop over to their website here and check it out. There's lots of other options for silly dilly fun to be had with kiddos (or your other adult pals). I'd be prepared to reserve a spot, though. But it seems worth it to me.

Rent yourself (and the kids) a bounce house

Unlike my hunt for a specific location with a Bounce House up and ready for you, there's quite the selection of party and event centers that have inflatable bounce houses to rent.


Now, I have to admit that I didn't look too much into pricing, so you'll have to do the legwork yourself (I have no concept of what's expensive for you, as compared to my we'll skip that muss and fuss).

But let me tell you this: if you've got the extra dough and the yard big can rig the bounce house up with water. This is quite appealing to know...because it's going to be a hot summer.

Bounce away, mi amigos.


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