If you happened to be around downtown last night you might have noticed traffic was a little different. Cars were replaced with cattle and plenty of them. It's rodeo time in Amarillo and I think just about everyone is ready for the change.

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The Crowd Was Ready

Michael J. Rivera
Michael J. Rivera/TSM

The crowd started showing up and by the start of the parade around 6pm folks were lined up all along Polk Street in portable chairs and along the curbs ready for a show. The cattle for their part were getting ready too with a few minutes of rest time.

When the motorcycles started moving out the crowd got excited because it was time:

The Cattle Drive is the official start of the Coors Cowboy Club Ranch Rodeo taking place at the Tri State Fairgrounds. Over the next few days some of the events include rodeo performances from various ranches around the Panhandle along with Cowboy Christmas which isn't necessarily targeted towards the December Holiday but more of a market place. Since it's a rodeo expect good food, music and since Coors is the sponsor, plenty of ice cold beer.

How much more Amarillo do you need it to get around here?

Michael J. Rivera
Michael J. Rivera/TSM

Ok. I'll admit the cool factor for me was just seeing longhorn cattle making their way down the streets of Amarillo. It's quintessentially Texan. It's comforting and a throwback to the days of the Potter-Bacon, Chisholm, Goodnight-Loving and others where this was how it was done. Seeing everyone out and about is also a sign that we're finally getting back to more normal around here.

There's plenty of tickets for the Coors Cowboy Club Rodeo, if you're interested you can pick them up here and see all the events.

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The 2021 Cattle Drive in Downtown Amarillo

The Downtown Amarillo Cattle Drive is an annual tradition that kicks off the Coors Ranch Rodeo. After Cattle Drive was put on hold during the 2020 pandemic, but this year it came back better than ever.

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