Do you know what was happening while you were watching the cotton grow? We now have 10 states that have made marijuana legal.

You know what would have survived in our recent rains? Marijuana. Imagine a future where a West Texas farmer has a nice cotton crop AND a nice weed field just so they can diversify and succeed.

Meanwhile, a majority of Texas voters want legal marijuana, but we have elected folks who will not let that happen.

Starting an industry isn't as simple as throwing seeds in the ground. While we drag our bootheels in Texas farms, distribution systems and all types of business practices are being developed outside of Texas.

The biggest problem for Texas is admitting the state is wrong. Marijuana legalization is working. Marijuana use hasn't gone up among kids. All legalization has done is allow the people who were using it anyways to use it legally (including allowing those who can use it medically). In addition, people are getting paid, jobs are being created, and criminals are forced to look elsewhere to make a buck.

Here's my pitch to you: Quit voting by color. Start voting by issues. We are getting left behind and jailing folks for doing something that is legal in 10 states (plus the District of Columbia) and decriminalized in many others. Practically everyone who is reading this has smoked one at this point.

It may have not been your thing, but you also know it's not the scary thing that politicians want you to believe. It's time Texas joins the party.

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