Anybody thirsty? We've had one hell of a spicy week here in Texas, and according to Meteorologist Tim Pandajis, Texas could actually be the hottest place on earth this week. Are you surprised? Probably not...

Check out his video below. It was posted on Sunday, June 25th, 2023, and has hundreds of comments and over 250,000 views.

Luckily, we had quite a bit of rain in West Texas over the few weeks leading up to this heat wave, but I'm honestly still kind of nervous about fireworks catching this place of fire. We certainly don't need any of that.

Nobody in the comment section seemed particularly worried about the heat, and that's probably because most of us are pretty used to it. Here are some of the comments I read:

"That's like every summer lol"

"Been here 15 years and it's been this hot every year."

"Us Texans just call it July. Happens every year. We've been hitting 90 since March."

"This is Texas baby!!!!"

"Yep! I'm heading to Midland this week. Yay me."

"Me: *laughs in Arizona*"

Good thing we are tough around here! Or, at least we are faking like we are. I don't know, guys. I'm sweating just watching this video. Make sure your A/C unit is ready to go and that you have an alternate plan in the event it bites the dust. It's going to be pretty hard to get someone out to work on yours when they are busy with everyone else's.

Good luck, friends!

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