AMARILLO, TEXAS - I want to start by saying this. What I'm about to tell you is the equivalent of seeing a unicorn in real life. No, seriously. It may very well be the only time you see it in your lifetime, so kick back and enjoy this one. A politician admitted he was wrong.

10 days ago, Amarillo Mayor Cole Stanley introduced a new ordinance on massage parlors in the city that included surprise inspections without any warning.

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Many of the businesses and individuals who do massage therapy were up in arms. They mentioned things about how it's a massive invasion of privacy when they are working with a client. Remember, massage is used for a myriad of medical reasons, not to mention just overall health.

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The idea behind the surprise inspections was to shut down the massage parlors that were providing illegal services. Yes, there are places that either use the massage front for human trafficking in Amarillo, even though there have only been three arrests in the last three years for that sort of thing.

Well after all the public backlash on this, Mayor Stanley has reversed course saying he takes full responsibility for the ordinance, calling it a mistake.

He also admitted that the ordinance needed a complete overhaul and is wiping the slate clean on the one he recently introduced. The city now plans to create a committee, and they will include some of the business owners and licensed massage therapists to work on the new ordinance.

All of those therapists and businesses would like to see the "shady" ones shut down, but they also don't want to have their work interrupted or invaded upon when they aren't providing any of those illegal services.

More details to come.

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