In case you haven't seen the news, or you see something that feels a little off the next time you visit a certain pizza place with a mouse mascot, a big part of many of our childhood memories is going away. The end of an era comes on the heels of a recent movie based on a popular video game.

Did a movie end an era and destroy our childhood memories?

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What Is Five Nights At Freddy's?

First, you need to understand what Five Nights At Freddy's is. It's a video game that is wildly popular across multiple platforms. It has spawned multiple titles within the franchise and has been scaring players for a very long time.

The premise is that you're working as a security guard keeping watch over Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. It's a family pizza place that features animatronic characters. These characters come to life at night, and it's your job to keep watch over them while keeping them from getting to you. If they do happen to reach you, it's game over.

The moment the game is over usually includes a jump scare that will make you scream no matter how tough you think you are. I've played this in virtual reality, and my kids got a real kick out hearing their dad scream in terror.

What Does Five Nights At Freddy's Have To Do With Chuck E. Cheese?

Five Nights At Freddy's is so insanely popular (your kids know everything about it) that it actually had a big-budget Hollywood movie adaptation made. The trailer, honestly, looks fantastic. As an adult, I really want to see this.

Headlines have been running across the nation that Chuck E. Cheese is removing its animatronic bands. Many point out how it is strange that the announcement came shortly after the release of the Five Nights At Freddy's film.

Chuck E. Cheese announced they are removing their animatronics from every location, except for one in California. They will be working to upgrade their locations with the latest technology.

If you're ever feeling nostalgic, you can always head over to YouTube where enthusiasts have been making road trips to Amarillo's Chuck E. Cheese. It's true. According to enthusiasts, our Chuck E. Cheese is unique for a variety of reasons. One of those is the "house band."

Farewell, animatronic bands. Your odd quirks and jerky movements will be a treasured part of my childhood forever.

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