It's something you hear a lot about, but not something that seems to happen in Amarillo a whole ton. Security breaches to a network. When you hear about something like this, it's typically some big time corporation that ends up being breached.

You get emails saying some of your sensitive info may have been exposed, but you don't think about how it has impacted or will impact how the business operates during the breach. Sometimes, it takes down entire networks.

This was recently the case at BSA Hospital where on Thanksgiving, they experienced a "network outage due to a potential security incident". A network outage at a hospital can be catastrophic depending on how bad it is.

It can affect how the workers access the patients charts and other vital info needed. Now, we don't know HOW bad the security breach was at BSA and if it affected every part of the network, but it was enough to where they had to essentially shut down the ER there and divert patients to other places.

Northwest Texas Healthcare System ended up being the ER that most were diverted to being the only other hospital in the area. They've stated that they've treated the influx of patients to their ER as just a normal busy day.

While that sounds like they've got it handled, it does put some extra strain on the workers and creates longer wait times for patients at the ER.

So when will BSA's systems be back up and fully running? That we aren't 100% sure of, as they'll want to make sure everything has been fixed and a new procedure in place to hopefully avoid this from happening again.

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