Often, when you see headlines about Lubbock and Amarillo, it's over some fabricated rivalry over which town is the best. Lubbock has Buddy Holly. Amarillo has giant steaks and a farm growing classic cars covered in graffiti.

Recently, however, news came out that Yellow City and Hub City would be joining forces with several other Texas cities to fight Netflix.

A Super Squad Of Texas Cities Taking On Streaming Giants

Imagine a giant, round table filled with representatives from over 20 Texas cities. Stetsons and larger than life personas fill the seats. The issue at hand is fees owed by streaming companies to the cities, and how to go about getting that money.

While I can only hope that a giant Stetson was involved at some point, I do doubt that representatives have gathered in one room to rabble about their arch streaming nemesis.

What we do know for sure is that several cities in the Lone Star State are suing streaming content providers, and Lubbock is the latest to join the crusade.

What Are They Suing Netflix For?

They're suing over franchise fees. These are fees that are paid by cable companies and other video providers to the city.

Of course, Netflix denies that they are subject to such fees, and don't feel like they should have to pay them. You really can't expect streaming content providers to say, "Oh, alright. You got us. Here are your fees."

When Cash Is Involved, You Might As Well Take A Shot. Right?

This isn't the first time a case like this has been brought against Netflix. New Boston tried, and failed, to win a suit similar to this one. Their case was dismissed.

Considering that there could potentially be a lot of cash on the line, I suppose you can see where the cities involved in the lawsuit could be interested in keeping the fight going.

What Would Happen If The Cities Won?

Part of the allure of streaming services, and cutting the cord, is that it's cheaper than cable. I wonder if cable companies would cite these fees as part of the reason why they're so expensive. Would a decision in favor of the cities wind up giving streaming services a convenient excuse for jacking up rates?

Stranger things have happened, no pun intended.

It will be interesting to see how this all plays out. There has already been a bit of drama over which court will be hearing the case. I can't imagine the cyber dust will settle any time soon.

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