Getting a flight can be expensive these days, even in Amarillo, Texas. A study was recently done to determine which airports have the most expensive one-way tickets. The numbers got crunched beyond that, and we were also able to see which destinations came along with the most expensive price tag when flying out of Amarillo.

What Is The Most Expensive Flight Out Of Amarillo, Texas?

A recent study was conducted by the people at Upgraded Points to figure out which flights in the nation hit you in the bank account the hardest. According to their study, the most expensive one-way flight in the country is from Aspen, Colorado to West Palm Beach, Florida. The price tag is a whopping $770.65.

Their study also allowed us to look up Amarillo, Texas, and see which flights were the most expensive out of Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport. According to their study, the most expensive one-way flight out of Amarillo is to Boston. They say the ticket will set you back somewhere in the neighborhood of $391.66.

Photo by todd kent on Unsplash
Photo by todd kent on Unsplash

You could look at this as a positive. Our most expensive flight wasn't anywhere near the most expensive in the nation. Yay for affordability...or something.

Which Flight Out Of Amarillo, Texas Averaged The Most Passengers Per Day?

As you continue to look through the numbers, you can see which destinations see the most travelers out of Amarillo, Texas daily. According to the study, the destination that sees the most traffic is no surprise. Dallas/Fort Worth is the top destination for travelers in this study with an average of 247 passengers daily.

Photo by R K on Unsplash
Photo by R K on Unsplash

We also like to book tickets to Houston and Las Vegas. Austin comes in at 4th.

What Is The Cheapest Flight Out Of Amarillo, Texas?

The cheapest flight on average according to the study was a one-way ticket to Denver, Colorado. It will separate you from $172.31 of your hard-earned money. This was a little shocking. I would have thought a flight to Dallas would have been the cheapest.

You can see the entire study at this link.

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