Well we've hit that time of year in Amarillo where the weather is getting warm enough to go outside and spend all day out there. With the amount of parks and activities we have around the city that can be done outdoors, you're sure to see plenty of people doing different things.

Frisbee golf is gaining in popularity here, and there's always the people that like to break out the bicycles and go cruising along all the different trails and parks we have.

There is one thing though that stands out above them all. Something were fathers and sons will spend hours together, just sitting there and talking. Enjoying the sunshine will pondering life. That thing is fishing.

We have so many different places where one can go and try to catch a little something, or big something if you're lucky enough. You'll see lawn chairs lined up at the lakes and ponds around town. Coolers full of drinks and snacks.

And now we have our first lake that is stocked full, just in time for the 80+ degree temps we're expecting this weekend.

If you can't wait to get out and catch something, then Medi Park Lake is where you need to be this weekend. They just received their first stock of the season thanks to the Neighborhood Fishin' program and they're ready for you to hook an reel them in.

All the lakes that are a part of this program will receive catfish stockings every two weeks through the end of October, and there are several ponds and lakes here in Amarillo that are a part of it.

Kids under 17 can fish without a license, everyone else has to have a valid fishing license to do so. You can get them at Academy and will run you around $40 for the year, of $11 for a single day license.

Luxury Camping Near PDC

Get ready for a luxury cabin close to Palo Duro Canyon. The cabin sits on 6.5 acres. This cabin is known as the Buffalo Lodge.

This cabin sleeps 4, and it is not recommended for kids under 12 years old.

The kitchen is fully equipped

The cabin is equipped with WIFI and a landline.

The cabin is $180 per night but with added cleaning fee and Airbnb service fee the total will be around $359 before tax.

Visit The Hideout-Buffalo Lodge here for more information or to book.

Gallery Credit: Lori Crofford/TSM Amarillo

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