Amarillo Social Club has been open for quite some time now. They went from hosting weekend tournaments to hosting tournaments almost every single day.  Which leads me to my next point.

Someone needs to step up and beat the repeat winners.

Play Cards? Amarillo Social Club Has The Action.

I've played in a few tournaments. I've won one. I busted early in another. My pocket jacks got caught by a king that paired on the flop. All in all, I've always had a good time even if I didn't land in the money.

Charlie Adkins
Charlie Adkins

If you haven't been out to Amarillo Social Club yet, you've got plenty of opportunities outside of the cash games you usually find. They've added enough tournaments to almost have one going seven days a week.

The tournaments are all different. There's a weekly bounty tournament. There's the bomb pot tournament. There's even the All In Or Fold tournament.

Entries vary from $10 up to $140, and there's even a weekly freebuy. Not bad for only having our own club for less than a year.

Someone Needs To Shake Up The Final Table

Recently on the Amarillo Social Club Facebook page, where they always post photos of the winners, I noticed something rather interesting. We've got repeat winners on our hands.

In fact, this past weekend saw one player win both the Saturday and the Sunday tournaments. That's no small feat to accomplish.

He wasn't the only one. Another player won back-to-back tournaments earlier this month.

I think I know who I'm looking forward to seeing at a table tonight. The best way to keep up with what is happening at Amarillo Social Club, be sure to look them up on Poker Atlas.

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