Texas and time travel have been popping up a lot recently on social media; especially when it concerns time travel. In case you haven't seen any of these social media accounts, people "claiming" to be "time travelers" will jump on TikTok and "warn" us of upcoming tragedies. You'd think they'd have warned us about the end of the Cowboys season. Instead, we get these wild claims about civil wars and massive disasters in Texas, according to the "time travelers".

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Who Are The Time Travelers Warning Us About Texas?

In all honesty, they probably started out as a bored college student at some fine arts school. The lore says they've been sent back, like in the Terminator movies, to warn us of impending disaster. The predictions usually get really wacky when it involves the Lone Star State.

Those are some really heavy pieces of knowledge. A tornado that levels Tulsa? World War 3 starts because Texas just wants to be left the hell alone? 2024 is going to be a really crazy year.

What Predictions Are There For Texas In 2024?

First, we need to address the massive tornado that's predicted to hit Tulsa by a person on TikTok. I wouldn't trust anything I see on TikTok ever, especially when the same prediction was made about Houston last month, and nothing happened. Unless there is a massive cover-up going on, I'm pretty sure there wasn't a city-leveling tornado anywhere near the Astrodome. I'm going to chalk this prediction up as just being insanely lame and borderline cringe.

Second, in May Texas will supposedly finally just rip the bandaid off and secede. Other states will say "Hey! Why do they get to do that? We want that! That's not fair!" The next thing you know, World War 3 has somehow magically broken out, and the world has forgotten about Russia and Ukraine, China, and the whole Middle East. Now, they're all picking sides in the second US civil war. Even nukes get used.

This sounds more like the plot to a post-apocalyptic video game franchise than anything that could be based in reality. In a matter of just three months, all hell breaks loose? I hate to break this to the time traveler, but our country just doesn't move that fast. It takes forever for anyone to decide on anything, and when they do we've got to have hearings, committee meetings, and then sign all these fancy documents. Again, lame and pretty cringe.

It's barely entertaining, and I feel bad for anyone who mistakenly takes any of it seriously.

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