Headlines have been full recently of people tossing all kinds of things onstage during concerts. Most recently, there seems to be a contest to see who can throw the biggest bra at Drake. It's gotten...impressive, I guess you could say.

Do you remember the time that the Buc-ee's beaver crashed a Texas concert?

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Blink-182 Meets Buc-ee's During Austin, TX Show

It was during the Blink-182 concert in Austin that the Buc-ee's beaver stole the show...sort of. During the set, an adoring fan of both Blink and the iconic Texas travel stop decided to merge the two.

Mark Hoppus, was the one that picked up the prize.

Blink 182 concert in Austin and someone threw a Bucee's beaver on stage
by u/lemmiewinxs in Austin

Congrats, Mark. You've now got handful of one of Texas' most favorite stuffed beavers.

You lucky dog, you.

 Is This Trend Of Throwing Things On Stage Getting Out Of Hand?

While the Buc-ee's toy seems innocent enough; it's against a backdrop of ever-increasing cup sizes and even ashes that I start to wonder...

Is it getting out of hand?

I can't remember too many concerts that I've been to where people were throwing things on stage. In fact, the times I remember the most are the ones where I threw stuff on stage to mess with my friends while I was on the road.

It seems, thanks to the Internet and social media, that the clout at stake from making a viral moment is creating yet one more disruption to the show we all probably paid way too much to see.

For a while, it was people running on stage to take a selfie before being dragged away. It's now evolving.

Infuriating Trend Or Do I Need To Relax

While I "get it," we're a long way away from the days of hair-metal bands collecting underwear during their set. With all of the "evolving" that we've done, I thought maybe this would have been another one of those cultural things we just let go of along the way.

Maybe I'm just old and no fun anymore. Maybe, just maybe, ticket prices are too damn high and I don't want the show interrupted several times by people thirsty for online fame.

Then again, I could probably just have a beer about it and relax. Congrats on the stuffed beaver, Mark. Enjoy.

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