This video has a wild twist ending.

We'll be breaking down the video at the bottom of this article without knowing what happened before the recording began.

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A Fiesta grocery store manager appears to be asking a lady to leave the store, as a security guard watches patiently. An angry lady is yelling at the store manager.

She's Had Enough

It appears as if she's done with civil discourse, as the lady wearing the Real Men Wear Pink shirt swipes the checkout conveyor belt with a swinging right hook motion.


Get Out

The security guard doesn't flinch at these antics, and the manager tells her to leave. This is where the twist ending comes in. The part that secretly makes us love this woman.


No, Thank You

The woman was leaving. She had turned and started walking towards the door. The manager then said, "Bye Bye, have a good, one!" Those words seemingly struck a chord with the lady because she spun around and demanded the manager hold her hand and walk her out of the store.

Her exact quote is "Grab my hand and walk me out b*tch!"

Check out the video below:


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