Join me one, join me all as I prepare to show you a completely dignified slice of upscale life in the Colonies.

I spied the listing for 8100 Georgetown while window shopping on Zillow the other day--and whew! The pictures definitely did not disappoint.

Tucked away within one of the wealthiest neighborhoods of southwest Amarillo, I knew this home would be certain things: pricey, spacious, and fancy. Check. Check. And check.

It's a five bedroom, five bathroom beefcake of a residence that was custom built by Eric White in 2015. You've got the courtly exterior, four-car garage, angularly designed swimming pool in the backyard (with a swank patio to go with it!). I mean, this is essential upper crust living and I'm here for it.

The one thing that stands out most about this home to me is the unique and delightful addition of a dry sauna. Yassssss, you read that right. You would never get me out of there, let me assure you right now. And there plenty more little easter eggs of luxury living to be found in the listing photos.

Ready? Pinkies up and away we go.

FOR SALE: The Graceful Estate of 8100 Georgetown

Listed with the Bonifield Team w/ Coldwell Banker, this lovely $1.5 million home is the star of the Colonies.

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