Brace yourself, Texas – spring is coming. 

Most people think of flowers, showers, and beautiful weather when they think about spring. Those people are not from the Lone Star State. 

Instead, we think about tornadoes, high winds, and hail when we think about spring.

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Yeah, you have to be very aware of the weather in this neck of woods from March to June. Oh, and it can change on a dime. The weather is extremely bipolar here. 

That’s why I like to post reminders of just how bad the weather can get around here. 

Everyone knows tornadoes are among the most destructive forces on the planet. Images of the aftermath of a community that was struck by a devastating tornado will be everywhere you look in the wake of the disaster. 

But hail can be incredibly destructive as well. Hail causes around $1 billion in damage every year, on average. 

While I’ve seen much bigger hail than what was coming down in the below video, the golf ball-size hail in the clip can do a lot of damage. So, y’all be careful out there. Pay attention to what the local weather experts are saying and plan accordingly.

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