Amarillo has quite a few spots that are the place to go for taking photos. Whether it's for a wedding, prom, or even family photos--there's a beautiful scenic locale to visit, that's for sure. You'll be hard-pressed to drive downtown on a Saturday and not see a few shutterbugs and their dolled-up models.

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Now, while we sure do have some pretty spots that are just perfect for a photo op, we also have some places that are a plain ol' bad idea to take go out and take pictures at.

Railroad Tracks

I promise you, it's really not smart to loiter around on the tracks to get the perfect shot. I found that out when I was on the hunt for a good location for my daughter's senior photos. Sure, they make for some great scenery in the background of pictures, but is it worth it? Really?

First of all, railroad tracks are private property. So you can get arrested and be stuck with a hefty fine. Plus, I think we've all seen the train scene in "Stand By Me."



Banks are a place where you should be on your very best behavior. I would not go into a bank and start taking family pictures without making sure the bigwigs at the bank are fine with it.

Why? Well, once again it's private property. But more importantly, if you step in and just suddenly start snapping photos, there might be a wee suspicion that you're getting pictures of the bank layout to study before a heist.

Sure it's a little far-fetched...but stranger things have happened and we've all seen Ocean's 11. There is no harm in making sure the bank employees know you're just getting a pretty picture. The worst that can happen is you getting hauled off in cuffs by federal agents. I'm just saying.


Come on, now. This one should go without saying. This really should go without saying. But because there's always that one person who needed the saying, I will add Pantex to this list.

Don't do it. Don't even try to get close and take photos. It is not a good place for your prom photos. If you even manage to get two feet on the property without getting swarmed by armed G-Men, you're a wizard.

Employees can't even use their phones or smartwatches on the property. Therefore, you know it's not a good idea to stop your vehicle in front of our local nuclear weapons plant and start snapping photos, ever.

If you do, it's jail! Immediately!

So where are some other places in Amarillo that you know would be a no-no when it comes to taking photos? Let us know.

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