As the weather starts getting nicer and nicer here in Amarillo we start seeing the signs of everyone wanting to be outside. That includes seeing more bikes on the roads, yes there are always motorcycles out but something about nice weather brings out even more. This weekend that is going to be very obvious.

This weekend the Amarillo Harley Owners Group has teamed up with Tripp’s Harley-

Davidson to host the High Plains Raffle Run on Saturday, May 4th. This fun event is open to both motorcycles and cars, this year’s event will include a scavenger hunt that extends across several panhandle counties.

Riders will be given clues about local landmarks, they will have to figure out what and where the landmark is and then get a photo in front of it. This will be a lot of fun for those involved.

Each correct answer gets the rider a ticket that can win them some great prizes at the after-party. The after-party will not want to be missed. It will take place at Tripp's Harley-Davidson after the run. The after-party will have food, drinks, a silent auction, and live music from The Solano Project.

Even if you don't take part in the run you can still hang out and enjoy the after-party that will start around 3 pm. The more the merrier.

credit: Tripp's Harley Davidson
credit: Tripp's Harley Davidson

The Raffle Run is raising money for the Texas Panhandle First Responders Memorial and other Amarillo HOG Charities. According to a press release:

Once fully funded, the Texas Panhandle First Responders Memorial will be constructed in downtown Amarillo at the corner of 11th and Polk. The Memorial will honor every first responder within the top 26 Panhandle counties who have died in the line of duty.

Registration begins Saturday at 9 am at Tripp’s Harley-Davidson- 6040 I-40 West. The last rider/driver will head out at 10 am. The Solano Project and after party will begin at  3 pm in the parking lot of Tripp’s.

If you are looking for something fun to do this weekend here is your invitation.

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