As long as there have been cars on our Texas roads there have been car accidents. Some things just never change. The only thing that does change is the type of vehicle and the people.

The location changes as well. I know it seems that there are a lot more accidents on the roads now it seems. Oh, and there are. I mean you would think it was just a numbers game. There are more cars on the road. There are more people. So there are more accidents.

It doesn't mean that before the addition of several highways and many more cars on the road accidents didn't happen. They did. We have always been a society that seems to be in a hurry. We have always seemed to be distracted.

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So maybe there are more opportunities for an accident to happen these days. That doesn't mean that people haven't always been careless. People have always tried to go a bit too fast. We have a lot more distractions on the roads now.

Those roads that are a lot more cluttered also have those tiny phones in our line of site. Those incoming texts and phone calls. Those phones that chirp, chime, and vibrate to get our attention.

Even without all of those distractions years ago those accidents did still have a tendency to happen. Even with fewer cars on the road. Less craziness. Even half a century ago accidents they do happen.

Yes, accidents have always happened. The only difference is the cars were bigger. The cars were a lot safer. It's just the truth. There seems to be so much more metal there to be a buffer between us and the next car.

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