Amarillo ends up being a place where we see our fair share of celebrities make a stop. Sometimes they are just passing through. Sometimes Amarillo is their destination for one reason or another.

It's always nice when one is spotted at a local place enjoying one of our many great businesses. Yes, a lot of times we end up seeing them stop at The Big Texan but it is also nice when they visit someplace else.

That is what happened recently. Grab your handy dandy notebook and your thinking chair for this one. The OG Blues Clues host Steve Burns was in Amarillo on Friday. He was not in his green striped shirt that most of us remember him wearing but it was Steve.

He was spotted at Palace Coffe in Wolflin enjoying a cup of coffee. The Shops at Wolflin took to social media to let us know the good news.

Even if you didn't have kids growing up and watching Blues Clues from 1996 through 2002 when he left the show there are other places you might know him from. Do you watch Young Sheldon?

He and his band did the opening theme song for that show as well. Oh, Steve can surprise you.

Turns out he was in Amarillo speaking at a conference for Full Smile Dental. This was not his first trip to the Amarillo area. Back in 2022, he made a trip to West Texas A&M University to speak at their Distinguished Lecture Series. When he made this trip I ended up with this message sent to me.

Steve was a big part of tons of family's lives for many years on Blues Clues. He is still very much a loved character, still to this day. Knowing that he made a stop at Palace Coffee on his recent stop in Amarillo shows how cool he really is.

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