I miss the days when I would take my daughter to the libraries here in Amarillo. She loves to read. I also miss the days when the family would take me to the Canyon library when I was in school.

I would grab several books and I would read every last one of them. I still love to read. That escape is what most people like about reading. Some people read to learn interesting facts. Sure that is great. I just loved the adventure a book would take me on.

I hate the fact that as I have grown into an adult I don't have as much time to read. I still do read. Just not like I used to. That used to be my life. Now I have so much other stuff going on that it seems reading gets pushed a little on the back burner.

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There is a day coming up that is there to remind us about the joys of reading. A day to Drop Everything And Read. They call it DEAR Day. I remember when my daughter would have DEAR Day at school. They would go to school in their comfy pajamas and just take the day reading.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

We never had that when I was growing up but it's a great day to appreciate reading. The Don Harrington Discovery Center is reminding us to drop everything and read on Friday.

So on top of all the fun the kiddos can have at the Discovery Center, they can also come dressed for DEAR Day in their pajamas. They will have an area for the family to sneak away to and escape everything and read.

Take advantage of DEAR Day this year out at The Discovery Center.

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