Losing a family member has to be one of the hardest things to go through. A loved one is gone. It has got to be even harder when you have no idea you lost someone close to you. You have to find out a month later. So Amarillo did have a small memorial for Lloyd but without any family there.

credit: Love in Action
credit: Love in Action

That is what happened in the case of Lloyd McMaster. Lloyd was one of our homeless residents here in Amarillo. He died on these streets of Amarillo when he was hit by a car on August 26th.

The Amarillo Police were not able to locate his next of kin. Which is tragic in itself. This is the case of many of the homeless. Amarillo did have a memorial for Lloyd but without any family present. Which definitely was not the way we wanted it to happen. The service was touching nonetheless.

The Amarillo Police did not give up the hunt. Someone had to be missing a family member. Oh, and they were. Lloyds family was finally found just recently. He has a brother and a niece in Arkansas. When Love in Action reached out to them they said their father had been looking for Lloyd for years.

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Their father searched up until the time he became disabled and couldn't drive anymore. That is a father's love for his child. The family was very touched by the fact that Amarillo showed love for Lloyd and held a memorial.

They want to come to town and have a proper funeral for Lloyd. So that is what they are going to do. According to Love in Action:

A few families have donated the money for funeral costs, so now we just have to get the brother and niece down here. They were SUPER touched by the comments on the news stories, the amount of compassion the community had for him and can’t wait to get here and hug as many people as possible to thank them for loving Lloyd and being his family.

The family will finally get to have some closure. They got to find their long lost family member. Not exactly in the way that they would have wanted. At least they found him. Found out his story. They got to witness the fact that Amarillo had love for Lloyd and showed it to the end.

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Information gathered from the Amarillo Police Department, Charley Project, TXDPS, and NAMUS.

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