Going out to eat was more of a convenience. We need food on our way to practice. We need to grab lunch and head back to work. It happened a lot more often. Some people go out to eat a lot. Amarillo is one of those towns that are an out-to-eat kind of town.

Then the prices of everything seemed to go up. It started with Covid and shortages. The word "supply chain issues" became part of our vocabulary. Then we just watched prices of just about everything go up. Going to the grocery store was the worst.

We used to be able to leave the grocery store with a basket of stuff for about one hundred dollars. Now a hundred gets you half a cart if you are lucky. Leaving and spending less than a couple of hundred seems to actually feel good.

Take a trip to the meat department and see how much that costs you. The price of everything from chicken to steaks is unbelievable. You don't run to the store to grab a steak for dinner much now. Even the price of hamburger meat has gone way up.

So that price increase has hit the restaurants too and they have had to raise their prices. So it makes it tougher to have a quick and cheap meal out anymore.

Are the restaurants hurting? Some may be but I still see full parking lots.I know it has slowed some families down for sure. One restaurant is doing something about it. Chop Chop has taken to social media to let us know about some good news for the New Year.

Hopefully, this can be a new trend going around Amarillo. Helping our families get to go out and enjoy more of your food. I certainly can get behind this movement.

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