It's November. People are in the holiday spirit. Or are they? Well, we want to be but I think everyone has been sick. I mean I feel the past couple of weeks things have been super crazy.

There Never Seems to be a Good Time to Get Sick

I have seen several social media posts from friends saying they have had to go to the doctor recently. Then it hit my home. Thanksgiving Day started the trend that lasted for days. I started it in my house. The stomach flu hit hard and fast.

Then my daughter was next to be hit. She got it worse than I did. Hers lasted for days. It included having to call in sick to work and a trip to an emergency center. We made several calls. Of course, it was a Sunday evening so finding a place that was open was the first challenge.

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We called CareXpress in Canyon. They had appointments we could make. The first available was at 9:45 pm that night. Ok, it was cool. Somewhere we could go. The only problem is that it was only 6 pm. We also have a baby at the house which made this a little late for us. So we kept that in the back of our minds.

Why is it We Only Tend to Get Sick on Holidays or Weekends?

So there were options. The next call was to Northwest Emergency. When we called we were told we couldn't make an appointment and that it was walk-in only. So ok I asked about the wait time. I was told that there were 15 patients in front of us. So I made sure that this was the Georgia Street location. When they checked there were only ten patients waiting. Score.

Oh, and they took my daughter's insurance which was a huge win. When I dropped her off there was hardly a parking spot to find. There was not a chair to be had. She got there before 7 pm and didn't get home until almost midnight. Why? There are a lot of sick people in Amarillo right now.

Everyone is getting sick and having to go see a doctor. When I got back to work even my co-workers were talking about being sick over the holidays. We were not alone. It's been a crazy early start to the holiday season with sicknesses.

So what can you do to avoid all this sickness? First get a flu shot. I got one this year and I think that was why I was only sick for a short time. Remember the days of covid? I know you do. So live those days of obsessively washing your hands. Trust me it still works now. Also, sneeze into your shoulder and not your hands.

You may have also heard about the high number of RSV cases in babies. This is a huge concern for many parents. So please be kind and as hard as it is refrain from those baby kisses. I know they smell so good and look so cute but RSV spreads so easily.

Let's do whatever we can to refrain from making this cold, flu, and RSV season any worse. Please.

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