There is just something about turning on your TV and starting a new series. The idea of starting something new that will take up hours of your time. That is the way I like to watch a show. I love just getting lost in it.

I have watched several of everyone's favorites. You name it I have probably watched it from start to finish. Heck, I don't even care if it's on Netflix, Max, Hulu or Prime. Really any of them. I enjoy my time. Then the series ends and I have to find something else to binge.

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Luckily, Netflix is helping me out with an upcoming show I just know I have to watch. I already watched Virgin River. I also love me some Yellowstone. This new series not only combines those two shows. Yes,  I saw that as a comparison for this series. According to  Netflix:

It's a contemporary Western romance show, exploring the comfort-romance space. A multi-generational family drama set on a ranch, delivering all the romance with a beautiful and escapist backdrop. If you loved the charm of 'Virgin River,' and the intensity of 'Yellowstone,' this one promises to be a treat for your senses.

It also brings Amarillo into the picture.

The series is called Ransom Canyon. If you are a reader you may have already read the book. If you haven't you may want to and soon. This is the name of the new Netflix series heading your way. It was announced before Christmas.

What I didn't realize at the time was the Amarillo connection. The author? Jodi Thomas. Jodi was born right here in Amarillo. She still lives here now. She made the Netflix announcement on her Facebook page.

From Jodi's Wikipedia page:

Jodi Thomas is a fifth-generation Texan, whose grandmother was born in Texas in a covered wagon. She grew up in Amarillo, Texas, and moved to Lubbock to attend Texas Tech University. She has a master's degree in Family Studies.


Thomas married Tom Koumalats and spent several years traveling while he served in the United States Army. The couple then returned to Amarillo and had two sons. Both husband and wife became teachers, and for the next fifteen years Thomas taught family living at Amarillo High School

So I really am excited about this upcoming Netflix series. I will be keeping my eye out on Netflix for it to be released.  I am pretty sure it will be a fast hit. This is good for Amarillo.

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