Even in Amarillo, the saying is true, when one door closes another one opens. We have already this year watched as several businesses closed their doors. So we need some good to come out of all of it.

That means we need to see some open their doors. Oh, and we have. We also are going to continue. Amarillo is growing in 2024. We have seen a couple of convenience stores open. We have heard of other restaurants moving and getting a new location. Amarillo likes to keep us on our toes.

When one business closes we like to see another one open. We don't like to see a lot of empty buildings popping up all over Amarillo. There has been a location on Olsen that has been sitting empty for a bit.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Since Brent's Cafe closed it has just sat there. It has been waiting for new life. It looks like that new life is about to happen. If you have been hoping for a new restaurant to call that home you are in luck.

What is Moving Into That Location?

Coldwell Banker just announced that they leased the building out. We are getting a new place to eat in that location.

So what we do know is that SAI Indian Cuisine is moving into that location. There is no timeline as to when that is going to happen. I love the smell of curry walking into one of our few current Indian food restaurants.

This is going to be a great addition to our restaurant lineup in Amarillo.

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